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What happens when the call to ministry collides with an unresolved molestation from childhood? From molestation to ministry! This real life biography is a compelling story of what happens in the lives of so many who use "ministry" as a mask for pain, and sometimes as a camouflage of deception! From ministry to a near suicide attempt! From a near suicide attempt to the arms of a God who uses a struggle to become a savior! Grab a copy of this compelling true live account of a preacher who dares to bear it all!

What Others Are Saying

A MUST READ!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Relatable material for so many out here having been abused as well as battling addiction of any kind. Uplifting and encouraging for those having gone through or going through the storm. This is definitely the light @ the end of the tunnel. Hats off to Mr. William Avery for this masterpiece of genuineness and truth...

Brian Bradford

5.0 out of 5 stars! Powerful and prayerful, Raw and honest, funny and frustrating, wonderful and sad and inspiring. William Avery’s gift is sharing his struggle with you and bringing you along in his journey as a fellow traveler while making you laugh and cry. He shines his light onto the path with you, giving you inspiration to acknowledge and fight your own demons and accepting God’s grace as the gift it truly is.


This book tackles an important topic that needs to be discussed more-childhood trauma and how it manifests itself later in life. William Avery takes you on a journey from innocence to violation and from addiction to redemption. This book is a must read for those who find themselves lost due to circumstances that are seemingly out of their control.

KG Hughes

Avery takes you on a journey, his journey. I hope that others read his story because within in it you may just see yourself. I can identify with some things in this book. I wish every man could read this book, especially men who often hide their issues in secret. And those hiding behind the pulpit.

Patrick Brandon

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William Avery

William Avery resides in North Little Rock, AR, and has been involved in various aspects of ministry for over 20 years. William Avery has an incredible passion to help others deal with life's issues. Having served in leadership capacities in both the church and corporate American, William Avery brings a very unique perspective to 21st century ministry, and its role in the community. William Avery has written several stage plays that have been performed in public arenas, as well as contributed many articles, short stories, and other pieces as a ghost writer. This is his first published biography.