I have, at least in my opinion, have had a rather unique weakness, and that is the ability to be transparent about certain perspectives of my life. Most people that know me personally, and have had some interaction with me, know that I have a hard time “faking” certain thing. I have often found it very difficult in life to pretend all is well when things are in disarray. Especially being a “minister” or “preacher” there is often a silent code that “men and women” of the cloth are supposed to adhere to when it comes to the struggles they personally face. We are supposed to show this “perfect” image of ourselves even when we know deep down inside everything is far from perfection! After years of contemplation about this, I’ve decided to go ahead and share my story! For those that may know me personally, a lot of the content in this book will be shocking, and you may be a bit surprised with some of the information I will be sharing, but after coming to some conclusions in life, I felt you all would be ok! For nearly half of my life, my time was spent inside this cocoon of embarrassment, shame, and confusion. Hopeful, yet conditioned by my environment to feel hopeless and a failure. I had no one to talk to, for those who I felt I could talk to only belittled me to the point that I knew I could not tell my story and my struggle to. The sad reality, these were “church folks”. If anyone could help me through it, if anyone could usher me from my struggles to a place of freedom, surely the people who claimed so much power and potential with God could help a young man deal with the molestation and the turmoil it had caused in his life? Journey with me as I reveal that “weakness” of a transparent life that has not only become my strength, but my testimony as well! For those again that know me personally, this book will show a side of me that will probably cause you to look at me in a different light. Trust me when I say, it is a concern, but for the benefit of those, who like me, have spent years in “hiding”, it is worth every story, every embarrassing moment, every set back, and every defeat, so that those who flip through the pages of this book may be blessed! Wherever you are and whoever you are, at this moment, I want you to know there is no reason to feel as if this addiction is beyond the hand of God! God knows how to use anything and everything in our lives not only for His good, but for ours as well. If you are ready to take the first step, He has already taken the last! What are you waiting on? You know you want to be free!