Inserted a dollar into the well oiled machine, as the lights fade, smoke raised and attention to the big jumbo screen…. was turned.
Flyers, choirs, and honorariums that are higher than a Chrysler 300 with Pirelli low profile tires…but we keep rolling right along, as if the fire is ignited by the repetition in the song….We’ve figured it out!
You take a pencil and a calendar, and mark a date,
Where you anticipate the heavens opening up with a quake…of sorts!
Power falling…
Prophetic calling,
People pierced in their convictions and start balling…pass the tissue please!
Emotional adrenaline rushing thru…from the pulpit to the door, from the front to back pew…
But where is God?
A convenience it has become to fill the calendar with events
Who cares if its “planned”, the people will be content!
Revival isn’t any different than service on Sunday!
They aren’t expecting anything new anyway….
No devotion, just emotion, and this sort of notion that the most popular preacher has just the magic potion…
To fill the seats….OH AND THE TREASURY!
Revival, Revival? Hold up just one minute,
Why do you keep having revivals when He’s not in it?


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