Innocent Eyes Gone Bad

  My dad always seemed to have my brother and I up early on some Saturdays, hustling trying to “make that cheese!!!”   Some of you know what I’m talking about! Even though daddy worked full time, he had his hustle going to that oftentimes caused me and my brother to miss some episodes of the […]

Welcome To La La Land

It is 2am in the morning and how I wish the Lord would let me sleep! Father, why don’t you do your downloads during daylight hours? The truth is I know the answer. Our minds are too busy to get a clear signal so He speaks when there is no traffic. It is the burden […]

Offices & Titles

Offices & Titles Men love titles. Men love position. Men love status. People love men of status. People love the illusion of security that comes with men having titles among them. These things have been abused in the church. This is obvious to most people. But why? And more importantly, what can we do to […]

You Can’t Legislate Intimacy

The best times are intimate times. We desire intimacy with the Lord. We desire to connect. We desire to share. We desire to be one with others. We also desire to share the Lord with one another in a close way. When we structure it, it kills it. The letter kills, but the Spirit gives […]

It’s Time To Unchurch The Church

In a survey conducted in Amsterdam in the 1990’s, young people were asked two questions: Are you interested in God? Are you interested in church? 100% stated they were interested God, while 99% stated they were NOT interested in church. The pastors blamed the youth. I believe one of the greatest barriers to effectively fulfilling […]

14 Wrong Reasons for Going to Church

    As you can tell from the title, I am not trying to make friends here. I am however, serious as a heart attack about the importance of this subject. I understand what I am going to say goes against thousands of years of ingrained religious nonsense, business success concepts brought in to “help” […]