There I sat numb after what I just heard and experienced! The life I had was just sucked out of me, and at this moment I really wanted to just return to my old ways 100 percent and say to hell with it all! You mean to tell me after all these years of struggling […]

sexual abuse

Coping With The Trauma Of Sexual Abuse

It may be hard to believe but child sexual abuse really happens. No matter what race, religion and economic status, children are getting sexually abused. And its effects don’t stop until the child grows through adolescence and into adulthood. Most children who have become victims of sexual abuse usually grow up struggling with depression, self-hatred, […]

On My Own

Nothing prepared me for college!  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  After high school, I attended the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, AR.  This experience should have been one of the best experiencing of my life, and it was, but it was also one of the darkest!  I have made reference to and alluded to this throughout the […]

Can You Hear My Scream?

If you have never been in the grips of something that you didn’t want to be, and tried everything in your power to get free but couldn’t, you can’t understand the pain and frustration that one experiences.  Sometimes we can be so insensitive to the things people are experiencing because it is not our “thing”.  […]

You Mean I Can Still Be Used In Church?

When I say it was more than a challenge to “stay clean”, I would be completely wrong.  I considered anything that I need from a lustful perspective, be it entertaining lustful thoughts or masturbation, that it was considered a “hit” in my book.  I can honestly say as I am writing this, that as far […]

Shhhhhhhh…. You Better Not Tell It!

There were occasions, which my aunt would run out of certain items in the kitchen such as: salt, pepper, flour, you know the basics.  In the neighborhood that she lived in, there was a neighborhood IGA aka Handi Pantry, which we would go on occasions to buy her anything that was missing in her kitchen […]


Confession Time

One thing that I became a pro at in church was “confession”.  This is a side note to the statement I just made and I’m sure many of you that perhaps have grown up in holiness will not agree with me but one of the discoveries I had to make in dealing with THIS ISSUE […]

Now That The Door Is Cracked

One of the “vices” that I watched not only my dad, but a few of my relatives, and my dad’s friends struggle with was alcohol. My dad could really put it down!! Seagram’s 7 and Texas Sun Grapefruit juice was his preference. He drank beer as well, but I don’t remember as much beer being […]


  I have, at least in my opinion, have had a rather unique weakness, and that is the ability to be transparent about certain perspectives of my life. Most people that know me personally, and have had some interaction with me, know that I have a hard time “faking” certain things. I have often found […]